What is ProPlumber™?

ProPlumber is the premier loyalty program in the water heating industry. With unrivaled value, the ProPlumber program offers over 14 individual benefits, from Fleet Incentives to an exclusive Concierge Hotline. As a program aimed at providing business assistance in addition to rewards, ProPlumber is open to all plumbing companies who qualify.

For a complete list of benefits and explanations, refer to the Benefits list.

How do I qualify?

First year enrollment for ProPlumber is open to all plumbing companies wanting to grow their business. To be eligible to renew your ProPlumber membership after the first year, you must meet our minimum requirements of sales growth, training hours and customer satisfaction ratings. To learn more contact your brand Plumber Support Team member.

Rheem®: PlumberBusinessSupport@Rheem.com

Ruud: PlumberBusinessSupport@Ruud.com

Richmond: PlumberBusinessSupport@RichmondWaterHeaters.com

How do I join the program?

To enroll in the ProPlumber program you must:

  • Submit a program enrollment form through your brand portal
  • Complete a phone consultation with Plumber Business Support Associate
  • Pay program enrollment fee
  • Enjoy the benefits of a ProPlumber membership!

How do I use my benefits?

All the benefits available to ProPlumbers are accessed through your brand portal. Log in or sign up for an account to enroll in the ProPlumber program to start enjoying the benefits of membership.