As a plumber participating in the ProPlumber Program and by completing the annual enrollment process for the ProPlumber Program, I understand and agree to the following Terms & Conditions and program details in their entirety.
ProPlumber Enrollment Requirements
By completing my enrollment in the ProPlumber Program, I understand and agree that as a ProPlumber:
  • I am responsible for meeting the minimum program requirements as defined in the Annual ProPlumber Program Requirements
  • I understand that my membership is subject to termination, at Rheem’s sole discretion, if I do not meet the minimum program requirements as defined in the Program Participation Requirements; I violate the Rheem® Water Heater Online Sales Policy or Rheem Water Heater MAP Policy; or the program is discontinued
  • I will follow the program rules and regulations set forth in the ProPlumber Program Guide and these Terms & Conditions
  • I understand by enrolling in the ProPlumber program I will be automatically opted into receiving ProPlumber communications from Rheem and select vendor partners of Rheem
  • I understand that I am an independent plumber and that I am not authorized to represent myself as or act as an agent or employee of Rheem
  • I understand that I will only receive program benefits back to the first day of the month I was enrolled
  • I understand that ProPlumber is a calendar year program and reenrollment will be required at the beginning of the following year to continue to receive benefits.
Annual ProPlumber Program Requirements
I understand that the terms for my continued participation in the Program are subject to annual review and revision based on my:
  • Maintaining high-level customer service and satisfaction, as demonstrated by a four-star or higher rating on the Online Ratings & Reviews Program via a minimum of 20 customer review submissions per year
  • Remaining committed to continuing industry education / training, including completing a minimum of 10 continuing education hours, collectively in the business, each year (this includes Rheem online, in-class courses and conference courses as well as certain industry courses)
  • Achieving 5% year-over-year growth in ProClub submissions
  • Holding all current state and applicable licenses
ProPlumber Ratings & Reviews Terms
  • ProPlumbers agree to respond to reviews appropriately
  • ProPlumbers agree that they understand that Rheem will not alter customer reviews simply based on dissatisfaction by the plumber
  • Reviews will be audited and monitored by Rheem; any inappropriate content by the reviewer or plumber will be prohibited and removed
ProClub Rewards Program and CashBack Rebates Terms
ProClub Points and CashBack are tied to the user account that enters submissions, and ProPlumber is responsible for consolidating submissions under one user account. Rheem is not responsible for allocating rewards within an organization account. NOTE: The ProPlumber Program is currently open only to Rheem, Ruud® and Richmond® plumbers in the United States.